It is well known that air transportation locations are outside populated areas. Near Turkish Istanbul, two air harbors are open for international passenger traffic - since 2019, the Ataturk Airport has only accepted cargo ships. Ataturk Airport accepts only cargo ships. Tourist planes arrive at Sabiha Gokcen Port and New Airport (IST).


  1. How to get to the center from the New Airport (IST)
  2. How to get from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)
  3. How to get from one airport to another
  4. Need a transport card

How to get to the city center but from New Airport

The third airport, officially called İstanbul Havalimanı, is one of the largest in the world. It is the home of the national airline Turkish Airlines and is also the home of transit flights.IST is one of the largest airports in the world

The airport is located closer to the European part of Istanbul. Its distance from urban areas: from Taksim - 44 km, from Sultanahmet - 46 km, from Üsküdar - 47 km, from Kadıköy - 55 km. Today it is possible to reach them by road, and from spring 2021 it is planned to open two metro lines.Distance to Istanbul


The most convenient. fast and comfortable way to get there is to order a transfer. You can do this on the website Fill in the date and time of arrival (add 40 minutes for customs and baggage claim) and create an application. The cost on average is 1800 rubles. At the same time for you will come minivan, with a capacity of up to 6 people. So. if you are traveling with friends, this is also the most economical way to Istanbul. Payment is made directly on the website. After paying for the order, the carrier will write to you on WhatsApp, send you a photo, where to find it in the parking lot and how to get there. Do not worry if your flight is delayed, you can write to the driver a new arrival time and he will meet you without problems. A nice bonus is a discount on the return transfer to the airport.


There are 100 bus lines to the New Airport, whose routes and numbers change frequently. Passengers are transported by two companies, Havaist and IETT (municipal transportation).

The most economical way to pay for a fare in Istanbul's municipal public transport is the Istanbul Card, an analog of Moscow's Troika. It is refilled through special ticket terminals. You can also pay the fare with contactless bank cards "Mastercard", "Visa".

Havaist buses

The 2nd floor of the port is reserved for boarding vehicles. At the entrance there are electronic boards showing the direction to the necessary route. The walls of the floor are covered with signs with the numbers of buses, platforms and the name of the final destination.Boarding Havaist buses

Some transportation makes intermediate stops on the way. Exit from metrobuses is strictly on them.

The average travel time during daytime hours is 30 minutes.

We recommend installing the Havaist mobile app, which will help you determine the route you want to take and find out the time of departure. It also allows you to monitor your movement in real time.

Mobile app: App Store, Google Play

Once you have installed the app, select the Stops menu item at the bottom. This will open a map of Istanbul with all possible stops. Find the one closest to your hotel and go to Deartures Times, where you will get the schedule and number of the bus you need by specifying the departure (From) ISTAMBUL HAVALIMANI and the stop you have chosen. You can also use the official website of the company:

You can pay with a bank card at the driver's desk. A cash ticket can be purchased at a special ticket office at the airport. Children under 6 years old travel free of charge, but this does not entitle them to a separate seat.

İETT municipal buses

There is a validator for the transport card at the entrance to the municipal bus. Municipal buses run outside the tourist areas with many intermediate points. It can be used to transfer to metro or Marmaray line trains.

H-1 - to the M3 metro line, Mahmutbey station. The average time is 1 h. 30 min.

H-2 - to M2 metro line, Shishli-Mejdiyekoy station. Average time - 1 hour. 40 min.

H-3 - to Halkali train station. Approximate time - 1 h. 40 min.

H-6 to Yunus Emre Religious Complex. Average time - 1 hour. 20 min.

H-7 to Istanbul's central bus station Otogar. Average time is 1 hour. 20 min.

H-8 to M2 subway line, Yenikapi Haciosman station. The average time is 2 hours.

For the greatest savings, you can take the H-2 bus route. It goes to Shishli metro station of the M2 line, which takes you to Vezneciler station, where you can board the high-speed streetcar to the European district of Sultanahmet.

Yellow İETT municipal buses

The cost of a bus trip is 7 liras. Full fare from New Airport to Sultanahmet district: H-2 (7 liras) + M2 metro (2.5 liras) + streetcar (1.9 liras) = 11.4 liras. The transportation card's trip counting system takes into account the 2-hour discount from the moment of boarding. One card can be used by several people, but the discount will be valid only for one person.


Cab services are offered 24 hours a day at the terminal exit. The degree of comfort of the car is indicated by the color of its body. Premium class "E" trips are provided by black cars, comfort "D" - blue, economy "C" - orange.

The color of the cab speaks volumes about the class of service

Payment is strictly by meter, including boarding. You can get to Sirkeji and Sultanahmet districts for 135 liras, and to Kadıköy for 160 liras.

It is possible to order a cab at the reception desk (more expensive) or through a mobile application. Uber and the national service BiTaksi operate in Turkey.

Pre-booked transfer is convenient, payment for which is also made online. The fare will be fixed, regardless of the exchange rate, traffic jams or bypassing road works. Upon arrival, passengers are met by a representative of the company with a sign, who escorts them to the car. You can order a car of any capacity - both for one person and for a group of tourists.

Rental car

If you are not frightened by the busy Istanbul traffic, you can rent a car. The port has offices of international rental companies such as Europcar, Comet, Budget, Goldcar and Euronet. You can rent a car in advance online.

Istanbul airport offers a large selection of rental companies

Baggage security on transit flights

When flying with the national air carrier Turkish Erlaine, baggage is handled by the company if the duration of the connection is less than a day. Otherwise, you must take care of your luggage yourself. For cash liras, suitcases and bags can be deposited in the luggage storage room in the arrival area, to the left of the Hotel Desk. Prices range from 27 to 72 liras per day, depending on the size of the belongings.

Lockers at Istanbul's new airport

How to get from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

The second air terminal for passenger transportation is located at a distance of 35 km from the eastern part of the capital. The metro is expected to open in the future, but today only motorized transport is available. Cabs, shuttles or rented vehicles are available. Bus travel remains an economical and predictable way to travel.Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Havabus buses

You can board a comfortable Hawabus bus at the exit of the International Arrivals Terminal - metro buses run every 30 minutes. Transportation is equipped with comfortable seats, air conditioning and luggage compartments. Fare payment is by cash or transportation card directly on the bus.

Havabus buses from the airport

Main directions:

To Taksim Square. Approximate travel time - 1 h. 30 minutes, fare is 18 liras;

to Kadıkei Port. Average travel time - 60 min., fare - 14 liras;

to Yenisahra metro station. Part of the route to Kadıköy port, which takes about 45 min. The fare is 14 liras.

Buses operate from 4 am to 1 am.

Municipal buses

Public transportation leaves from the airport under the numbers: 131C, E-3, E-9, E-10, E-11, 122H, 130H, 132H, MR-60, SG-1, SG-2, 16S. You can also board them when leaving the arrivals area.

The SG-2 route goes to Taksim Square and Park. The whole journey takes approximately 2 hrs. 20 min.

The final station of bus 122H is metro station 4.Levent, with an average travel time of 2 hours.

The İETT Municipal Company has created a route planner on its website. When making a travel plan for Istanbul public transportation, it is recommended to use it online. To do so, use the company's website:

How to get from one airport to another

Both air harbors are located at an equal distance from Istanbul (35 km). There is no direct transportation between the airports. When planning connections, it is necessary to double or triple the travel time from them to the center of the capital, taking into account the following practical features:

- two major transportation hubs - Taksim and Kadıköy - will facilitate the transfer;

- changing to a municipal bus in Kadıköy can save money but waste time, as the junction is quite busy;

- public transport on Taksim Square is better organized - few traffic jams and dubious personalities;

- the total amount of metro bus fare between Istanbul airports: through Taksim - 36 liras, through Kadıköy - 39 liras;

- HVİST-10 route passes through the Pendik district, near Salih Göçken, but does not go directly to the port;

- the transfer points for the desired route are close to both Taksim and Kadıköy.

Obviously, Taksim is the more convenient transfer point for transportation. However, for a group of tourists traveling, it is more reasonable to take a transfer.

Do you always need a transportation card

To pay for a trip from the Third Airport to the center of Istanbul (Taksim, Sultanahmet), Istanbul cards are not useful. The same applies to traveling from one airport to another.

From Salih Gökçen Port, most buses go to the Asian part of the capital. For trips to the European part of the city, a transportation card will be needed.

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